Immunology specialty

Immunotherapies have moved to the forefront of treatment for cancer and are also tested in patients with persistent / chronic infections. In this context, it becomes more and more important to decipher the mechanisms of immune responses. To this aim, CIRI teams study immune subsets such as B cells, T cells, NK cells or dendritic cells in various infectious (Zika, Dengue, Influenza, Nipah and other viruses and Francisella, Staphylococcus and other bacteria) or non-infectious contexts such as allergy, autoimmunity or auto-inflammation. There is in particular a renewed interest for human immunology that is often different from mouse immunology. Moreover, as it becomes evident that the microbiota is influencing in a major way how we deal with infectious diseases, a priority of the Immunology specialty will be to recruit of a research team working on the role of the intestinal or skin microbiota in (human) immune function and inflammation.

In cooperation with the SFR Biosciences and/or with other local research institutes, we will seek to implement novel analytical techniques such as single cell RNA sequencing, and multi-epitope imaging of tissue sections, and develop data/image analysis solutions.


M Dreux

J Marvel

M Faure (also in bacteriology)

T Henry (also in bacteriology)

JF Nicolas

B Py

T Walzer

T Defrance