Virology specialty


The major force of the CIRI is the heterogeneity of the viral pathogens studied as well as the approaches used by the different teams. The viruses of interest for the CIRI span from emerging and highly pathogenic viruses (EBOV, NIPV, CCHFV, etc) to acute/chronic ones (flavivirus, HIV, HCV, HTLV, HBV etc) with approaches that covers from fundamental cellular biology and the development/use of appropriate animal models to the study of their clinical dimensions (Flu, HBV). During the next period, we want to preserve this heterogeneity that will continue to benefit from the interdisciplinarity of the CIRI.



S Baize

A Cimarelli

FL Cosset (also in immunology)

H Gruffat

B Horvat (also in immunology)

B Lina

V Lotteau (also in immunology)

R Mahieux

T Ohlmann

P Vanhems

V Volchkov