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The “Host and Microbes” Course is organized as part of the European Master-Biosciences program in Lyon, France.

Coordinators of the course: Renaud Mahieux et François Vandenesch

Research in Virology and Bacteriology led to major discoveries. This allows us to understand a lot of mechanisms that lead to the control of living organisms. In addition, a lot of different molecular biology techniques including gene therapy use tools that come from viruses. Though, microbes are models that permit scientists to understand networks contributing to gene expression, cellular physiology, immune response and cell transformation.

The main objective of this course is to allow students to understand the recent concepts in virology and in bacteriology and the methodological approaches that are specific to these two domains. The teaching is designed so as to stimulate the students’ passion for research through a training based on open-mindedness and personal initiative. This course will offer an integrative approach to viruses and bacteria biology. This handles cycles of replication, pathology, epidemiology, as well as the evolutionary history of pathogenic micro-organisms.

Conferences will be given in English by experts of the field and will cover all aspects of microbiology.

Program :


Master Biosciences ENSL, November 19-30, 2018; Coordination: R. Mahieux, F.Vandenesch room 117

Organizers: R. Mahieux, F. Vandenesch, Location: Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENSL), 46 allée d’Italie, 69007 Lyon*


November 2018

Theme Morning seminar**


Afternoon seminar**


Monday 19 Paleomicrobiology and Paleopathology   Kirsten Bos

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena, Germany


Tuesday 20 Virus evolutionary genetics and epidemiology Stéphane Blanc

INRA, UMR BGPI, Montpellier

Carla Saleh

Virus and RNA interference Unit

Institut Pasteur, Paris


Wednesday 21 Interspecies transmission/adaptation 10h30

Martine Peeters

INSERM U1175, Montpellier


Lucie Etienne

CIRI, Lyon

Thursday 22     DAY FREE
Friday 23 Antibiotic resistance: from mechanisms  to modelisation Jean-Philippe Rasigade

CIRI, Lyon

Ana Rivero 

CNRS, Montpellier

Monday 26 Host Microbes Interactions Daniel Gonzalez Dunia

Centre de Physiopathologie de Toulouse Purpan

Monsef Benkirane,

Institute of human genetics, Montpellier

Tuesday 27 Host Microbes interactions Thomas Henry

CIRI, Lyon

Xavier Nassif

Institut Necker Enfants Malades, Paris

Wednesday 28 Tuberculosis: From the genome to the cell O Neyrolles

Institute of pharmacology and structural biology, Toulouse

Priscille Brodin

Center for Infection and Immunity, Institut Pasteur de Lille

Thursday 29 Gut metagenomics Hervé Blottière

INRA Jouy en Josas

Friday 30   François Leulier

IGFL, Lyon


*ENSL Site access: Subway station Debourg (ligne B), 20′ from the train station La Part Dieu. The site is also at 30’ to 40′ by taxi from the Saint-Exupéry airport.

**Permutations between morning and afternoon speakers may occur



Videos from previous UE “Virus and Imunity” courses:

Karl Lang 14/02/2014 Enforced virus replication as an immunological strategy for innate and adaptive immune activation.
Harald Zur Hausen 11/02/2014 Sexually Transmitted Infections and Cancer.
Glen Rall 07/02/2014 Double trouble: “How peripheral virus infections can result in brain disease”.
James Wood 03/02/2014 Endemic dynamics of zoonotic viruses in bat species and spillover into humans and other animals.
Daniel Pinschewer 15/02/2013 Immunity and Pathogenesis in viral infection
Grant McFadden 07/05/2013 Poxvirus Tropism and Oncolytic Virotherapy
Albert Osterhaus 05/02/2013 Influenza : From zoonosis to pandemic
Claudia Kemper 05/02/2013 Novel innate cell-derived signals required for human Th1 induction and regulation
Adolfo Garcia-Sastre 07/02/2012 Induction and evasion of type I interferon responses by influenza viruses
Adrian Hayday 06/02/2012 Unconventional T cells and control of infection
Quentin Sattentau 02/02/2012 The role of cell-to-cell spread in HIV-1 dissemination and pathogenesis
Robert Lamb 01/02/2012 The entry of paramyxoviruses into cells
Teunis Geijtenbeek 11/02/2011 C-type lectins in infection and immunity, “Sugars flavour immunity”
Roberto Cattaneo 09/02/2011 Virus tropism: analysis and oncolytic reprogramming
Otto Haller 04/02/2011 Innate immunity to influenza


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