VIRUS AND IMMUNITY, European teaching unit

The “Virus & Immunity” Course is organized as part of the European Master-Biosciences program in Lyon, France.

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Coordinators of the course: Branka HORVAT ; Viktor VOLCHKOV

Course « Virus and Immunity » is organized for the first time in April 2005, as a part of « European » teaching unit. It is open to students of « Masters » in at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon and University Lyon 1 as well as to any other exchange students, particularly those from other European countries and intended to stimulate international students participation.

The course consists of 40h of lectures and 10h of tutorials (giving 6 credits ECTS). All lectures are given on english by the experts in the field (three Nobel prize laureates among lecturers in last years) and are based on the interactive approach between lecturers and students. Tutorials are supposed to help students to better understand subjects treated during lectures. Organized teaching approach is supposed to guide students in the analysis of research articles and in preparing a short research project based on one of conferences. The major goal of the course is to stimulate the originality in students and help developing their passion for the research and creative approach in the science, by guiding them through the universe of the complex interactions between the virus and the immune system.

Programme of the course:

The course covers different aspects of fundamental virology and immunology and particular attention is put on the interaction between virus and immune system. Treated subjects include analysis of biochemical and structural aspects of the virus, variability and genetics, basic concepts in the prion research, response to anti-viral treatment and generation of the resistance to therapy. Presented studies include the research work on several different viruses, including causative agent of AIDS in humans and of leukaemia in mice, hepatitis B and C virus, Infuenza, Measles virus, Human T-cell Lymphotropic virus and emergent viruses classified at the highest level of security (P4), including Ebola, Lassa, SARS, Nipah and Hendra viruses. Particular attention is put on the presentation of the importance of different self-defence mechanisms to eliminate infection, including dendritic cells, T and NK lymphocytes as well as mechanisms important in the control of the extent of the immune response, like T regulatory lymphocytes. Generation of T cell repertoire, immunological memory, modulation of the immune response, virus escape mechanisms, immunosuppression and viral persistence is illustrated. Finally, viral pathogenesis and anti-viral vaccination is discussed.

Programme 2016


1-12/02/2016, amphitheater « Biologie », ENS-Lyon, France

Monday 1/02
9H30-10H Introduction (V. Volchkov, B. Horvat, CIRI, INSERM U1111, Lyon)

10H-12H Grant McFADDEN (Depart. Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, University of
Florida, USA), LabEx ECOFECT
«Lessons from Myxoma Virus on Viral-Host Ecology and Co-evolution»

14H-16H30 Alexandra R. LUCAS (University of Florida, USA)
“Viral Immune Modulators – Guides to New Drug Discovery ».

Tuesday 2/02
9H30-12H Sandra JUNGLEN (Institut of Virology, Bonn, Germany, LabEx ECOFECT.
« Evolutionary and ecological insights into the emergence of arthropod-borne viruses »

14H-16H30 Siamon GORDON (Sir William Dunn School of Pahtology, University of Oxford, UK)
« The Versatile Macrophage: Immunobiology/virology»

Wednesday 3/02
9H30-12H Thierry WALZER (CIRI, INSERM U1111, Lyon)
« NK cells in the control of infections »

14H-16H30 Branka HORVAT (CIRI, INSERM U1111, ECOFECT, Lyon)
«Emerging contagion: immunopathogenesis of Nipah virus infection»

Thursday 4/02
9H30-12H Adrian HAYDAY (Guy’s King’s & St Thomas Medical School, London, UK)
« Gamma Delta T cell responses bridge innate and adaptive immunity »

14H-16H30 Daniel GONZALEZ-DUNIA (INSERM, UMR 1043, Toulouse)
« A journey through the interactions between viruses and the brain: advantages and
challenges of the Bornavirus paradigm ».

Friday 5/02
9H30-12H Julien C. MARIE (Cancer Research Center, Lyon, INSERM 1052 CNRS 5286)
« TGF-beta and regulation of the immune response»

14H30-17H Maan ZREIN (INFYNITY-BIOMARKERS, Lyon, France)
« Converting academic research into industrial applications: Design of diagnostics
assays with a focus on virology »

2nd week
Monday 8/02
9H30-12H Benedikt KAUFER (Institute of Virology, Berlin, Germany)
«Herpesvirus latency: From neuronal models to integration into host telomeres. »


Tuesday 9/02
9H30-12H Daniel KOLAKOFSKY (Department of Microbiology and Molecular Medicine,
University of Geneva Medical School, Geneva, Switzerland :
« A short biased history of RNA viruses

14H-16H30 Patrick LOMONTE (Institut NeuroMyoGène, INSERM-U1217, CNRS/UCBL,
Villeurbanne, France)
« Immune and epigenetic control of herpes simplex virus latency»

Wednesday 10/02
9h30-12H Sander HERFST (Department of Viroscience, Erasmus Medical Centre, Netherlands)
« Influenza: From zoonoses to pandemics»

14H-16H30 François-Loïc COSSET (CIRI, INSERM U1111, ECOFECT, Lyon)
« HCV-lipid metabolism interconnections and virus propagation: opportunities for the
development of novel antiviral strategies »

Thursday 11/02
9H30-12H Viktor VOLCHKOV (CIRI, INSERM U1111, ECOFECT, Lyon)
« Filoviruses: Molecular basis of the pathogenicity».

Friday 12/02
14H-16H Written examination, ENS-Lyon

Videos from previous years:

Karl Lang 14/02/2014 Enforced virus replication as an immunological strategy for innate and adaptive immune activation.
Harald Zur Hausen 11/02/2014 Sexually Transmitted Infections and Cancer.
Glen Rall 07/02/2014 Double trouble: “How peripheral virus infections can result in brain disease”.
James Wood 03/02/2014 Endemic dynamics of zoonotic viruses in bat species and spillover into humans and other animals.
Daniel Pinschewer 15/02/2013 Immunity and Pathogenesis in viral infection
Grant McFadden 07/05/2013 Poxvirus Tropism and Oncolytic Virotherapy
Albert Osterhaus 05/02/2013 Influenza : From zoonosis to pandemic
Claudia Kemper 05/02/2013 Novel innate cell-derived signals required for human Th1 induction and regulation
Adolfo Garcia-Sastre 07/02/2012 Induction and evasion of type I interferon responses by influenza viruses
Adrian Hayday 06/02/2012 Unconventional T cells and control of infection
Quentin Sattentau 02/02/2012 The role of cell-to-cell spread in HIV-1 dissemination and pathogenesis
Robert Lamb 01/02/2012 The entry of paramyxoviruses into cells
Teunis Geijtenbeek 11/02/2011 C-type lectins in infection and immunity, “Sugars flavour immunity”
Roberto Cattaneo 09/02/2011 Virus tropism: analysis and oncolytic reprogramming
Otto Haller 04/02/2011 Innate immunity to influenza


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