Infectiology Forum cancelled: Dr. Thomas HÖFER

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Date / Heure
Date(s) - 24/10/2019
14 h 00 min - 15 h 00 min

Amphi Pasteur, Tour CERVI

Forum cancelled

Dr. Thomas HÖFER (DKFZ Heidelberg): “ Dynamics of dengue virus replication at single-cell resolution ”

The research in the lab of Dr T. Höfer is characterized by a multidisciplinary approach: a tight interplay between experimentation, data analysis and mathematical modeling. They dissect the molecular switches that regulate the proliferation and differentiation of T lymphocytes and thus orchestrate adaptive immune responses. A second focus of his lab is on growth-factor signaling and cell-cycle control. From both strands of work common principles at the systems level are emerging.
His lab also tackles questions related to the viral infection, especially Dengue virus and the interferon response, via mathematical modeling to captures the dynamics of susceptible, infected and protected cells, and of interferon response upon infection. To sum-up, his projects aim at identifying the functional behavior of molecular networks in the cell and at quantifying the control exerted by individual components to inform novel therapeutic approaches.

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