Enveloped viruses, vectors & immunotherapy

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General interests

Recent achievements

  • Our studies on hepatitis C virus (HCV) assembly have led to the identification of p7 and NS2 HCV non-structural proteins as key determinants governing in concert the subcellular localization of HCV core and required for initiation of the early steps of virus assembly.
  • We revealed a previously unsuspected mechanism of innate immunity in which exosomal export of viral RNA from infected cells serves as a host strategy to induce an innate response in cells whose innate signaling pathways are unopposed because they are not infected.
  • We have invented lentiviral vectors pseudotyped with the glycoproteins from measles virus that allow for the first time robust transduction of resting T and B lymphocytes, which opens numerous applications in the field of cell and gene therapy.
  • Our development of viral-like particle platforms, combining high bio-safety and strong immunogenicity features, has yielded proofs of concept for novel vaccine candidates against HCV and respiratory viruses such as avian influenza viruses and human metapneumovirus.


  • European Research Council (ERC Advanced Grant “HEPCENT”)
  • Agence Nationale pour la Recherche contre le SIDA et les Hépatites Virales (ANRS)
  • Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR and ANR-JCJC “EXAMIN” to MD)
  • European Community (FP7)
  • Ligue Nationale Contre le Cancer (LNCC)
  • AXA Foundation
  • Fondation Finovi
  • Fondation pour la Recherche Médicale (FRM)
  • BPi France
  • LyonBioPole