The Commissions are constituted in agreement with the CIRI Ruling chart for a renewable period of five years. Their action is coordinated by the General Administrator, Christine Tuffereau. They have a consultative role and, upon request, they prepare dossiers of a specific nature for the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.

Commission for “Equipment”

The Commission for “Equipment” is composed of 10 members from the different buidings ; it action is coordinated by the General Administrator.

The Commission for “Equipment” is in charge of the following points:

  • Follow-up of maintenance of common equipment and appointment of the responsible personnel.
  • Inventory of needs and proposals of priorities for acquisition of equipments.
  • Follow-up of applications for the purchase of new equipments.

Commission “Scientific Animation”

The Commission “Scientific Animation” is constituted by teams’ representatives. This commission is splitted in 3 comittees in charge respectively of

  • The internal seminars
  • The External seminars and the Infectiology Forum
  • Organizing the CIRI retreat

Commission “Information technology and Communication”

The Commission “Information technology and Communication” is constituted by teams’ representatives, the General Administrator. This commission is in charge of the following points:

  • Organization and evolution of the CIRI Web site.
  • Diffusion of CIRI information (Newsletter, seminars, etc)


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