Governance of CIRI

The general management of the CIRI is ensured by a Director : François-Loïc Cosset seconded by a Deputy-Director: François Vandenesh, who takes decisions after dialogue with  an Executive Board, responsible for regular business, and a Board of Directors, consisting of the team leaders, for supervising the Executive Board in the most strategic decisions to be taken. An outline of the Governance scheme is provided below.

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The Executive Board

The Executive Board is constituted of the Director of the CIRI, the Deputy-Director, the General Administrator and 4 or 4 Delegate Directors (Andrea Cimarelli, Mathias Faure, Renaud Mahieux, Jacqueline Marvel) elected and/or nominated from the panel of team leaders, who are in charge of specific aspects of the Center. This organization ensures that the Center can be efficiently governed and represented even in the absence of the Director. The role of the Executive Board is to propose fast answers to urgent questions of organizational, scientific and/or political order. The Executive Board discusses and proposes the scientific policy of the CIRI.

It meets regularly, twice a month.

The General Administrator

The General Administrator assists the Director of the CIRI and the Executive Board in their administrative responsibilities and, more specifically, for the implementation and follow-up of the decisions, and for the coordination of the means necessary to run the Center. Accordingly, the General Administrator supervises the Administrative and Support teams and coordinates the different CIRI Committees.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of all the research team leaders of the CIRI, the Gestion/ Administration team leader, the General Administrator : Christine Tuffereau. He is chaired by the Director : François-Loïc Cosset.

It meets once a month and validate the proposals of the Executive Board concerning the structuring of the Center, the definition and evolution of the CIRI scientific objectives, the priorities of emergence or recruitment of newteams, the priorities for technician/engineer positions requested to the CIRI trustees, the distribution of teamdedicated and mutualized surfaces, the allocation of the recurring budget, the contribution to the common responsibilities of each team and/or individuals, the general budgetary decisions as well as the purchase of common equipment, and the equipment needs for the technical platforms.

The Laboratory Council

The Laboratory Council is constituted of the Executive Board, representatives of the personnel (faculty members, post-doc scientists, PhD students, and technician/engineers), and representatives of the Support teams and Commissions.

The Laboratory Council is constituted of the Executive Board, the representatives of the personnel (faculty members, post-doc scientists, PhD students, and technician/engineers), and the Coordinator of the Health and Safety Team.

The Laboratory council fulfills the role of communication and information: it brings to the attention to theCIRI governance any specific human or material problem and proposes solutions to improve life andorganization in the Center. It can be solicited by the Executive Board to respond to points of common interest that arise. It meets at least once a year on the basis of an agenda elaborated by the Executive Board and transmitted in advance to all the staff.
It meets 3 to 4 times a year.

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