European UE: “Advanced Immunology and Diseases”

Advanced immunology and Diseases

The course is part of the Master Biology / Biosciences (ENS-Lyon, University Lyon-1, France). It is open to external master and PhD students upon request. Two conferences by leading specialists in their discipline are held every day followed by afternoon sessions dedicated to informal round tables with students, speakers and teaching staff. The course is held at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

6 ECTS Credits

 Course organizors: Yann Leverrier  and Mathias Faure

Course objectives

The course will provide a deep insight into the immune system function in health and diseases. The immune system is a complex, diverse, dynamic and highly organized multicellular and biochemical system that protect us against infections and cancers.  Deregulation of the immune system induces autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Topics will cover: biology of the immune system, immune responses against microbes, communication within the immune system, animal models of immune diseases, autoimmune diseases, immuno-deficiencies, hypersensitivity, tumour immunology, learning to harness the immune system to combat microbes and cancer, genetics and development of the immune system. The course will provide a high-quality, comprehensive coverage of many facets of basic and translational immunology research.

Sessions content will ensure an opening on basic, clinical and industrial research by bringing together academic research scientists, clinicians and private research scientists.

Students will gain a broad understanding of how the immune system develops, functions and dysfunctions and can be manipulated to maintain human health.

Program 04-15/12/2017

Course held at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, Salle des thèses, 46 allée d’Italie, 69007 Lyon.

Monday 04.12.2017
9h30-17h00 Welcome, introduction and work on student presentations

Tuesday 05.12.2017 Immune system development and activation
9h15-9h45 Student presentation
10h-11h30 Christophe CAUX, CRCL, Lyon “Dendritic cells at the interface of innate and acquired immunity”
13h30-15h Ana CUMANO, Inst. Pasteur, Paris “Stem cells, hematopoiesis and lymphopoiesis”
15h-16h30 Round table discussion

Wednesday 06.12.2017 Lymphocytes
9h15-9h45 Student presentation
10h-11h30 Yann LEVERRIER, CIRI, Lyon “Memory CD8 T cells development and functions”
13h30-15h Bertrand DUBOIS, CRCL, Lyon “Roles of B cells and humoral immunity in cancer ”
15h-16h30 Round table discussion

Thursday 07.12.2017 Immunology of the Lung
9h30-9h45 Student presentation
10h-11h30 Laurent NICOD, Lausane, Suisse “Asthma and COPD physiopathology and new treatments”
11h30-12h30 Round table discussion

Friday 08.12.2017 HIV – Immune responses
9h15-9h45 Student presentation
10h-11h30 Jean-Daniel LELIEVRE, Hôp. H. Mondor, Créteil “HIV prophylactic trial – State of the art”
13h30-15h Philippe BOUSSO, Inst. Pasteur, Paris “Decoding immune responses to cancer and infection using intravital imaging”
15h-16h30 Round table discussion

Monday 11.12.2017 Nervous system and immune responses (Morning: Salle Condorcet)
9h15-9h45 Student presentation
10h-11h30 Tuan LENG TAY, Freiburg “Innate immunity of the CNS: from birth to death, in sickness and in health”
13h30-15h Sophie UGOLINI, CIML, Marseille “Immune and nervous systems: a coordinated host response to pathogens”
15h-16h30 Round table discussion

Tuesday 12.12.2017 Metabolism – Evolution
9h15-9h45 Student presentation
10h-11h30 Antoine MARCAIS, CIRI, Lyon “Regulation of lymphocyte metabolism by the mTOR kinase”
13h30-15h Pierre BOUDINOT, INRIA, Jouy-en-Josas “Evolution of immunity : homologies and convergences”
15h-16h30 Round table discussion

Wednesday 13.12.2017 Vaccination
9h15-9h45 Student presentation
10h-11h30 François DALENCON, Sanofi-Pasteur “Vaccine Adjuvantation”
13h30-15h Béhazine COMBADIERE, Cimi, Paris “Epidermal and dermal vaccination”
15h-16h30 Round table discussion

Thursday 14.12.2017 Mucosal Immunity
9h30-9h45 Student presentation
10h-11h30 Helena PAIDASSI, CIRI, Lyon “Mucosal immunity or how to maintain armed peace”
11h30-12h30 Round table discussion

Friday 15.12.2017 Exam