Forum d’Infectiologie «Spécialité Bactériologie» : Pr. Jay HINTON

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Date / Heure
Date(s) - 18/09/2019
10 h 00 min - 11 h 00 min

Amphi Pasteur, Tour CERVI

Pr. Jay HINTON (Institute of Integrative Biology University of Liverpool) : “ Comparative transcriptomics identifies a single SNP mutation that controls virulence of African Salmonella


With 3.4 million infections each year, invasive non-Typhoidal Salmonella (iNTS) is a major cause of illness worldwide. In Sub-Saharan Africa bloodstream infections with iNTS Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium are causing ~388,000 deaths annually. Co infection with HIV or malaria in adults, and a young age (<5 years) are known risk factors. Using a combination of comparative genomics and comparative transcriptomics, we discovered phenotypic differences that distinguish African from global Salmonella pathovariants (Canals et al., 2019). Our analysis led us to identify a single core genome SNP responsible for the up-regulation of a single promoter in strain D23580 that controlled the expression of a Salmonella virulence factor (Hammarlöf et al., 2018), and offers part of the explanation of the pan-African epidemic of bloodstream infection.

contact : Xavier Charpentier