Seminaire CIRI: Dr Didier FILOPON

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Date / Heure
Date(s) - 06/11/2018
11 h 00 min - 12 h 00 min

Amphi Pasteur, Tour CERVI

Dr Didier FILOPON (Institut de Biologie de l’ENS, Equipe Lionel Navarro, Paris – France): “ Roles of the small RNA pathway during host-bacteria interaction : Shigella hijacks Argonaute 2 function

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) have emerged as critical fine-tuners of host immune responses in both plants and mammals. However, their functional relevance in antibacterial defense is still poorly understood. Furthermore, unlike in plants, there is no evidence of the implication of human miRNA pathway in the control of host-pathogen interactions. We used a cellular infection model with the bacterium Shigella flexneri to study the localization and functional relevance of human Argonaute 2 (Ago2) during host-bacterial interactions. Combining bio-informatics and in vitro screens we also explore a bacterial effector repertoire to identify suppressor of miRNA pathway. Altogether, our data demonstrate for the first time a critical role of Ago2, and of the human miRNA pathway, in host-bacterial interactions and suggest that pathogens target this pathway for efficient infection.

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