Séminaire CRI : Dr. Anca HENNINO

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Date / Heure
Date(s) - 10/09/2019
10 h 00 min - 11 h 00 min

salle des Thèses Chantal Rabourdin-Combes

Dr. Anca HENNINO (CRCL) :  » Stromal immune regulation in pancreas  »

Pancreas is a complex organ that ensures endocrine and exocrine functions. It is a soft tissue in normal healthy conditions but can become a stiff tissue upon inflammation and/or transformation. This phenomenon is largely due to the accumulation of an abundant stromal reaction within the tissue. Since few years the contribution of this massive stroma has emerged as a novel actor and contributor of pancreatic tumour initiation and progression. We identified βig-h3 stromal-derived protein as a key actor of the immune paracrine interaction mechanism that drives pancreatic cancer. We found that βig-h3 is highly produced by cancer-associated fibroblasts in the human and mouse stroma. This protein acts directly on tumour-specific CD8+ T cells and F4/80+ macrophages. Depleting βig-h3 in vivo reduced tumour growth by enhancing the number of activated CD8+ T cell within the tumour and subsequent apoptotic tumour cells. Furthermore, we found that targeting βig-h3 in established lesions released the tissue tension and functionally reprogrammed F4/80 macrophages in the tumour microenvironment. Our findings present βig-h3 as a novel immunological target in pancreatic cancer.

Contact: Henri Gruffat