Two Postdoc position in virology.

Two postdoctoral position are available in Host-pathogen interaction during lentiviral infection to work on (1) the identification and characterization of novel innate defense proteins that modulate the replication of the type 1 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV-1) (ANRS funded); (2) the characterization of a novel mechanism of translation inhibition that our lab has recently described for the cellular antiviral factor ISG20 against different families of RNA viruses (ANR funded).
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Contact: Andrea.cimarelli


Postdoc position in immunology.

A postdoctoral position is available in Effector and memory B lymphocytes to work on defining the contribution of αvβ8-mediated activation of TGFβ to antibody-mediated host defence and diseases (ANR funded).
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Contact: Helena Paidassi


Post-doc position in viro-immunology.

The « Vesicular trafficking, Innate response and Viruses » team is inviting application from enthusiastic post-doctoral candidate to participate in a project supported by the French National Agency (ANR), 2-year position – possible extension. The research program centers on the innate immune response against viral infection.
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Contact : Marlène Dreux


Ingénieur de Recherche Immunothérapie

L’ingénieur(e) de recherche participera à la coordination des projets d’immunothérapie au sein de l’équipe EVIR. Cet axe de recherche translationnelle vise à développer des stratégies innovantes combinant thérapie cellulaire et génique pour des applications en infectiologie, cancérologie et maladies auto-immunes.
En parallèle, l’ingénieur(e) de recherche assurera la gestion et le management d’une plateforme de souris humanisées avec l’aide du personnel technique dédié. 

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Contact : François-Loïc Cosset & Floriane Fusil


Ingénieur ou Assistant ingénieur en biologie moléculaire

L’Ingénieur/Assistant ingénieur en biologie moléculaire et cellulaire mettra en œuvre les protocoles expérimentaux et analytiques au sein de l’équipe EVIR pour des études sur le SARS-Cov2 et les réponses de l’hôte.
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Contact: François-Loïc Cosset



The team EVIR – Enveloped viruses, Vectors and Immunotherapy – at CIRI is welcoming applications from enthusiastic and independent post-doctoral candidates to participate to join research projects on cellular and molecular aspects of assembly and cell entry of HBV particles, interconnection with cellular pathways and mechanisms of HDV/HBV co-infection. The position is available for three years
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Contact: François-Loïc Cosset



The team Molecular Basis of Viral Pathogenicity is currently looking for a post doc for a 1-year contract that is immediately available. The team is involved in deciphering the high pathogenesis of viral hemorrhagic fever viruses and notably Ebola, Marburg, Nipah and CCHFV. We are seeking motivated scientists to reinforce the team and accelerate the current ongoing projects.
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Contact: Viktor Volchkov or Olivier Reynard


L’ingénieur-­e exercera  ses  activités  au  sein  du  Centre  International  de  Recherche  en
Infectiologie  (CIRI)  sur  le  site  de  l’ENS  de  Lyon  (Gerland).  Il/Elle  prendra  en  charge  des  développements  informatiques  dans  le  domaine  d’analyses  de  données  issues  de
séquençage/technologie haut-­débit, et  le déploiement  de  la  bio-­informatique  dans  le  Centre.
CDD INSERM 1  an,  renouvelable
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Contact : Lucie  Etienne


A three-year postdoctoral position is available in our laboratory starting from January 2020, to study immunobiology of Nipah virus infection in its natural host and develop novel therapeutic anti-viral approaches.
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Contact : Branka Horvat



We are currently inviting applications from enthusiastic post-doctoral candidates (2-year position) or PhD student (3-year position) to participate in our project supported by the French National Agency (ANR JCJC)
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Contact: Marlène Dreux
(05 Aout 2019)



 L’ingénieur(e) sera impliqué(e) sur un projet de thérapie génique au sein de l’équipe « Enveloped Viruses, Vectors & Immunotherapy » (EVIR)
La durée du contrat est de 1 an renouvelable
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Els Verhoeyen
(18 juillet, 2019)


Nous invitons l’application d’ingénieur(e) pour participer à notre projet soutenu par l’Agence Nationale Française.
Le programme de recherche est centré sur les virus et l’immunité innée, en particulier la réponse à l’interféron. CDD 6 mois
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Contact: Marlène Dreux
(11 mai, 2019)


Post-doc position in Immuno-Bacteriology.

Thomas Henry’s team is looking for a highly motivated applicant with a PhD in immunology and/or expertise in the field of primary human cells, inflammasome and/or innate immunity. Expertise in imaging would be also considered. The research project will focus on characterizing inflammasomes dysregulation in various autoinflammatory syndromes.  This position is opened starting in April 2019 with a one year contract renewable for up to 4 years.
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Contact: Thomas Henry


Post-doc position in virology

Host Pathogen Interaction in Lentiviral Infection Laboratory is actively seeking for one highly motivated post doctoral candidate to work on the relationship between human immunodeficiency viruses (HIVs) and the family of Interferon-Induced Transmembrane Proteins (IFITMs), exciting antiviral effectors capable of targeting HIV as well as a broad range of very distinct viruses. IFITMs block the fusion between viral and cellular membranes and the goal of the project is to determine the exact mechanism through which this is orchestrated.
More details
Dr. Andrea Cimarelli
(January 10th, 2019)


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