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05_Vie etudiante_Tourbillon(s)_Sonia Assil

How to become a researcher.
Image made during the photographic competition organized for the 50th anniversary of Inserm, 2nd national and regional price: Women and men in the service of science.
Image made in “Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie” by Sonia Assil, PhD student (Team Evir).

The CIRI’PAMPs are preparing you several events for this month: 05_Vie Etudiante_Ciri-Pamp

  • Science Lunch: Short presentation followed by discussion
    Tuesday april 14th, 12h30, salle des thèses, Sébastien Dussurgey (from the cytometry facility) will introduce us the ImageStream, that couple cytometry and imagery, ands it numerous applications.ABSTRACT: Imaging cytometry is a cutting edge technology at the interface between microscopy and conventional cytometry. The combination of those two approaches permits high throughput analysis of images, which is particularly interesting for generating statistically robust datas or in the case of the analysis of rare events. An ImageStream Mark II, last generation of imaging cytometers, has been acquired by the SFR Biosciences in 2013 (Equipex PHENOCAN). The presentation will contain a brief description of this technology and examples of the applications that can be achieved with this instrument.
  • CIRI’PAMP GENERAL ASSEMBLY: You would like to join the association? Propose ideas? Rendez-vous Thursday, april 30th, 18h30, room 116.
  • Then: Afterwork at the Betty’s Bar, 20h (Vieux lyon station)

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