Scientific Advisory Board

The CIRI has gathered an independent Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which consists of international personalities chosen by the Executive Board for the quality of their scientific expertise, their strategic vision of the infectiology research and their knowledge of the bio-pharmaceutical environment.

The CIRI SAB advises the CIRI on its strategic programs, its general orientations, the quality and the 
evolution of the teams and their projects, the quality of the CIRI scientific objectives, the requests for
 creation or recruitment of new teams. It meets formally at least once every two years but can be solicited if specific questions arise.

Composition of the CIRI SAB (2019-):


Photo prise à l’occasion de la réunion du SAB des 11 et 12 février 2019

Former SAB members (2016-2018)

Jeffrey Almond (Oxford, UK); Charles Auffray (Lyon, France); Rita Carsetti (Roma, Italy); Mary Collins (London, UK);  Adrian Hayday (London, UK); Olivier Hermine (Paris, France); Albert Osterhaus (Président, Rotterdam, The Netherlands);